Alpha Media, Peoria On-Air Personalities Brave the Cold to End Homelessness

PEORIA, IL, January 19, 2017 – Alpha Media, Peoria on-air personalities took part in the “Gimme Shelter- A Night to End Homelessness” event on Friday, January 13th. Mix 106.9 (WSWT) Program Director and Morning Mix co-host, Randy Rundle and 104.9 The Wolf (WXCL) Afternoon talent, Joe Greenwood spent 12 hours, overnight in cardboard boxes in 25-degree weather to call attention to the homelessness problem in Peoria.

Together the two raised $2,675. The event as a whole exceeded its goal of $50,000 with a total of $63,000. All proceeds will benefit the South Side Office of Concern and support their continuing efforts to provide permanent supportive housing and end homelessness in the community.

Rundle commented on the experience, “It was a long, cold, uncomfortable night. But the time we spent outside in refrigerator boxes was nothing compared to what the many homeless people in the Peoria area face every night.  Alpha Media, Peoria was happy to sponsor the event, raise awareness of the homelessness issue in our community, and to use our collective voices to raise $63,000 to help fight this problem.”

“All of us are guilty of getting wrapped up in the drama of our lives and complaining about how bad or stressful things are. Imagine how stressful it is not knowing where your next meal is coming from, having to carry every single thing you own with you every day, the only bed you have is the cold hard concrete, and how this feels when you have your kids with you on that ground. This was my reality for only 12 hours, my heart breaks for those that live this reality every single day,” added Greenwood.  

In addition to Mix 106.9 and 104.9 the Wolf, 93.3 The Drive (WPBG) and Goodtime Oldies 1290 & 102.7 (WIRL) were event sponsors. More information about “Gimme Shelter” can be found at