Alpha Media, Peoria Cares for Cops

PEORIA, IL, August 9, 2016 – Alpha Media, Peoria stations WSWT, WPBG, WXCL, WIRL, and WNGY have started an initiative to show their respect to the men and women in blue with Care for Cops.

Every week for the month of August, on-air personalities from the five stations will visit local police departments to deliver free food and treats, shake hands, and let police officers know how much they are appreciated.

Alpha Media Program Director, Courtney “CJ” Pierce commented, “After the events over the past few months we felt compelled to show our support for our local police officers.”

“For some employers, the receipt of this kind gesture is welcomed, but for us there is not only appreciation, but meaning.  We are not just a place of employment, but a team, a lifestyle, and a family.  When we see appreciation given to our family we embrace one more reminder that it does matter, and we are not working unnoticed or in vain,” remarked Captain Hal Harper, Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office.