Alpha Media’s 580 WIBW Helps Local Ranches Affected by Kansas Fire

April 13, 2016 – Alpha Media, Topeka, KS announced that 580 WIBM delivered 1,100lbs of milk replacer along with the Kansas Ag Network and Kansas Farm Bureau to ranches who were affected by the devastating fire in Kansas.

On March 23, 2016 the wildfire started in the northwest part of Oklahoma. It then jumped the border and spread to two counties in Kansas. Firemen couldn’t stop the fire that was being pushed by 40+ mph winds. The fire spread through over 500 sq. miles of grazing land. Many cattle were injured or killed. Since some of the calves’ mothers had died or could not be found due to the smoke, there was an urgent need for milk. 580 WIBW teamed up with the Kansas Ag Network and Kansas Farm Bureau to purchase 1,100lbs of milk replacer. The station van hitched a trailer full of the milk replacer to it and headed to the relief center 4 hours away. One rancher had an immediate need for the milk replacer so the station personally delivered to him.

Alpha Media Market Manager, Larry Riggins commented on the announcement, “On Saturday, my wife read a Facebook post from a friend who raises cattle in the burned area, saying they had lost many cattle to the fire and those who survived had been separated from their calves, or were unable to nurse due to injuries.  They were in desperate need of milk replacement powder to help bottle feed these calves and give them a chance at survival.  I immediately got on the phone with my Sales Manager for the Kansas Ag Network, which serves this area, and he in turn called our friends at Kansas Farm Bureau to see what we could do to help.  Within 20 hours of that first post, Kelly Lenz, our KAN Farm Director had made the necessary arrangements and we were able to deliver the milk replacer to ranchers in those affected counties.  These ranchers have been through a lot.  Helping those in need is part of our DNA at Alpha Media, and it was the right thing to do.”

“We started driving on Highway 160 West out of Medicine Lodge, when we got about five miles out of town we saw what was basically scorched earth. It was very intimidating and humbling to see the power of wind and fire. It was literally like a desert. Your heart goes out to every rancher, their families and all the volunteer firefighters who did what they needed to do to limit property damage and loss of life. The 1,100 pounds of calf milk replacer, that we delivered was a small drop in helping those ranchers affected by the fires. The overwhelming amount of donations has been wonderful and really shows that agriculture takes care of agriculture,” remarked Greg Akagi, Farm Broadcaster, Kansas Agriculture Network/WIBW Radio, Topeka, KS.