Chunky, McKinzie & Jake Replace Burned Flags in Vancouver, Washington

Alpha Media Portland, Oregon announced today that Chunky, McKinzie and Jake vowed to replace the American flags that were burned down in Vancouver, Washington throughout the weekend. The three of them went to the owners homes and personally presented the new American flags to the families.

Chunky commented on the announcement, “Hanging an American flag from your front door is a right that many people have fought for us to have in our country. When I heard that some people’s flags on their homes were set on fire on Friday evening/Saturday morning in Vancouver Washington, I was both outraged and hurt at the same time. I thought the LEAST we could do is deliver a brand new American flag to the victims of the vandalizing.”

Jake and McKinzie also chimed in on the announcement, McKinzie said “It was such a disrespectful act that took place, it was important to replace the American flag which symbolizes freedom and unites us all.” And Jake said “No act of cowardice is going to stop us from loving this country, and supporting those who defend it. We hope this dastardly act inspired 1000’s more to fly Old Glory in the coming weeks! United we stand!”