Energy 102.3 Shatters World Record

Energy 102.3 personalities, Chris “Lucky” Stewart and Scotty successfully shattered the world record for longest radio broadcast by a disk jockey duo. They now own the new mark at an astounding 102 hours.

Lucky explained they took on this challenge to bring attention to Child Abuse Awareness Month. “This wasn’t just two guys in a studio for five days playing songs,” said Lucky. “This city rallied around us and helped spread the message ‘It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Child’.”

Successful completion of this feat required at least one of the on-air personalities to identify Energy 102.3 after every song played. The rules allowed Lucky and Scotty to sleep in shifts within the confines of the broadcast studio. This proved to be difficult.

“We both logged about 11 hours of sleep out of 102 hours,” said Lucky. “The worst was when the sun was coming up or down.” Sleep deprivation did not keep the pair from having fun. Some highlights from the week include a paranormal investigation of ghostly images captured on the live video stream and as Scotty said, “struggling to set up the child size princess owl tent.”

Both agreed the encouragement they received from the community highlighted the week. Said Scotty, “We could not have done this without all the positive support from everybody. Thank you so much!”

The old record for longest radio broadcast by a disk jockey was 80 hours as documented by