EVIL Force Possesses Portland’s LIVE 95.5

More than 175 million Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year coming in second to Christmas. Historically, Portland radio stations have formatted their playlists to reflect Christmas music. But for the first time ever, Halloween has it’s first official station on LIVE 95.5 now known as EVIL 95.5.

Special Halloween playlists and spooky sounds can now be heard all over the Pacific Northwest.

EVIL 95.5 Asst. Program Director & Music Director, Ice commented on the announcement, “After spending thousands on research, we’ve discovered LIVE spelled backward is EVIL. Listen if you dare.”

EVIL 95.5 will begin broadcasting Monday, October 22nd at 10:00 am through midnight on Halloween on-air on EVIL 95.5 (KBFF-FM) and at evil955.com.