KTFM Refuses To Lie

There are so many branding positions in our industry, most of which are bombastic, chest-thumping statements that outright lie to audiences.  Positioners like “the #1 hit music station” or the “ONLY place to hear your favorite music,” are so common that deviating from them seems unconventional.  Well, that is precisely what Phil Becker, Ernie Martinez and the team at Energy 94.1 (KTFM-San Antonio) are doing.

Alpha Media’s National Director of Digital Content and KTFM’s new PD Ernie Martinez says, “People inherently smell B.S. a mile away.  Audiences are smarter than most programmers give them credit for, and because of this, we are taking a radical approach to branding. We are going to tell the truth.  Today we launch our new positioning, ‘San Antonio’s #2 Hit Music Station’.” Martinez went on to say, “There is one thing that audiences crave today and that is authenticity.  We aren’t going to brag; we aren’t going to boast. What we will do is work harder than everyone else to show audiences that their attention is appreciated.”

Alpha Media VP of Content, Phil Becker commented “Our focus is not on being the biggest but on being the best. We want to create the best listening experience for our fans and the best results for our clients. The demographic that Energy 94.1 reaches believes, as we do, that hype-laden positioning statements are unnecessary and a thing of the past.  I’m proud of the team in San Antonio for understanding the power of candor and honesty and I’m hopeful our audience appreciates being told the truth and will spend more time with us.”