Lars Larson Named #19 On Talkers Magazine 2015 Heavy Hundred

Alpha Media Portland, OR announced today that Lars Larson has been named number 19 on Talkers magazine 2015 Heavy Hundred list.  The editors of Talkers magazine, with input from industry leaders, present the 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America – a popular feature that has come to be known as the “Heavy Hundred”.

The Talkers magazine editors, who painstakingly compile this super-list, draw upon a combination of hard and soft factors when evaluating candidates. These include (in alphabetical order): courage, effort, impact, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent and uniqueness.

Lars Larson delivers six live hours of honestly provocative talk, five days a week to 350,000 listeners in the Pacific Northwest, and 3 million nationally with over 180 syndication affiliates across the country.

Alpha Media Executive VP of Programming Scott Mahalick commented on the announcement, “Lars is the number one talk host in the Northwest and it’s nice to see his star rising across the Nation. The rest of the world finally gets to see what Alpha has known all along. Lars Larson is a heavy hitter in the talk universe!”

“We are so proud of Lars cracking the top 20 in the country. It is a significant achievement considering how much of the talk landscape is in the East. It really underscores Lars’ connection to the Pacific Northwest audience,” remarked Alpha Media SVP/ Market Manager, Milt McConnell.

Larson added, “It’s a real pleasure to be in such good company on the only list in the business…Talkers Heavy Hundred.”

Follow the link for a complete list of Talkers magazine 2015 Heavy Hundred