95.9 The River Transitions from Classic Hits to Classic Alternative

Release Date: June 13, 2024
Contact: Brian Foster
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Chicago, IL – Alpha Media is excited to announce the transformation of 95.9 The River from Classic Hits to Classic Alternative, a move that positions the station at the forefront of the next major trend in radio formats. 

Phil Becker, Alpha Media’s EVP of Content, elaborated on the strategic shift: “Classic Alternative is a natural extension of Classic Rock. Just as throwback hip-hop stations tapped into a rich vein of nostalgia for 90s rap and R&B about ten years ago, we believe Classic Alternative will do the same for the alternative hits of the 90s. There’s a valuable audience in Chicagoland that’s been overlooked, and 95.9 The River is poised to fill that gap with a format that resonates deeply with listeners who grew up on this music. We anticipate this will be one of the nation’s hottest new formats for those who execute it properly.” 

In conjunction with this format change, Alpha Media is thrilled to announce that Todd Nuke’Em, renowned for his work with X96 in Salt Lake City, will be joining 95.9 The River as the station’s Content Director. Todd will continue his responsibilities at Broadway Media’s X96, bringing his expertise and programming strategies to both markets. 

“This is a revolutionary approach to programming,” Becker continued. “By working with another radio group like Broadway Media to share Todd’s services, we are pioneering a new way of thinking about talent and content development. Additionally, Alpha Media’s recent move into a shared workspace with Broadway Media highlights our commitment to unconventional and progressive ideas, further solidifying our reputation as industry innovators.” 

Newly named Content Director Todd Nuke’Em shares, “I am beyond excited to join 95.9 The River and help shape its new identity as a Classic Alternative station,” said Todd Nuke’Em. “The 90s alternative era was a groundbreaking time in music, and I’m thrilled to bring that energy and spirit to Chicagoland.” 

Furthermore, Scott Mcay will continue to host morning drive locally, and Nick Jakusz remains in market and in afternoon drive. We are fortunate to continue utilizing in-market talent, which underscores our dedication to the local community. Additionally, Artie Fufkin, also of X96 fame, joins as the evening host, bringing his unique style and lean in content to Chicagoland’s Classic Alternative station 95-9 The River. 

For more information, please contact: 

Brian Foster 

RVP Chicago 

[email protected]

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