Alpha Media Chicago Rebrands WCCQ as Free Country 98.3 and Expands to 102.3 Signal 

Release Date: May 24, 2024
Contact: Brian Foster
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Alpha Media Chicago is excited to announce the rebranding of its legacy Country station, WCCQ, to Free Country 98.3. In a strategic move to better serve the Chicagoland area, the station will now also broadcast on a second signal at 102.3, for wider coverage for Country music fans. It’s only fitting that Free Country debuts on Memorial Day Weekend. 

Joining the newly created Free Country is Drew Walker, a celebrated 20-year veteran of the Chicago market. Drew, who previously worked at WUSN-FM, will take on the roles of Assistant Content Director and Music Director for Free Country. Walker’s extensive experience and deep connection with the local audience make him a valuable first addition to the team. 

“I am elated to be part of Free Country 98.3 and 102.3,” said Drew Walker. “What an incredible opportunity to bring the best country music to even more fans across all of Chicagoland. The team at Alpha Media is truly special, let’s go!” 

Phil Becker, EVP of Content for Alpha Media, emphasized the unique advantages of radio in today’s media landscape. “Radio’s greatest benefit is often overlooked – it’s completely free. Free to listen, free to win, and free to subscribe. While streaming services and tech companies are charging for music and content, Free Country at 98.3 and 102.3 is dedicated to providing Country music and fan experiences to Chicagoans at no cost.” Becker further expressed enthusiasm about Drew Walker’s role and hinted at the addition of other local air personalities in the near future. 

Brian Foster, RVP of Alpha’s Chicago region shared: “I am in awe of the energy, creativity, and ingenuity our team has shown over the past few weeks. Buckle up, we are about to go on a very exciting ride. Feel ‘free’ to give us a listen!” 

This is not the first time Alpha Media has successfully executed a strategic simulcast on dual frequencies in a major market. In April 2022, the company launched Bay Country on 94.5 and 92.1 in San Jose / San Francisco California. 


Brian Foster 

Regional Vice President 

Alpha Media 

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