Top Dog Award

The Top Dog Award is a quarterly program that recognizes and rewards employees who go above and beyond expectations in contributing to the Alpha stations, community, clients, and audience.

Congratulations to our Top Dog Award recipients!

Quarter 4 – 2018

Columbus Market – “I love this Company and these peeps who work for me! Living with gratitude!”

Lindi Glasgow, Corporate – “When it comes to passion, I think about what a person does that demonstrates he or she is passionate about something. Lindi Glasgow brings the passion every day.”

Julie Watson, Hagerstown-Chambersburg – “Julie continues to push forward each day with the same kindness, sincerity, and strong work ethic as she had on day one.”

Quarter 3 – 2018

Katie Philippi, Lincoln – “She is diligent and caring, she has a great sense of humor and is constantly looking for ways to maintain/improve Alpha’s quality of service.”

Brennan Forsyth, West Palm Beach – “I feel like I could nominate Brennan every quarter, but Q3 of 2018 is by far his biggest test…..which he passed with flying colors.”

Dylan Allen, West Palm Beach – “He is always ready to take on extra assignments and he is always looking to make our Alpha product even better.”

Quarter 2 – 2018

Sequoia Powell, West Palm Beach – “She comes to work with a smile on her face every day and is eager to learn and take on extra responsibilities. If I ask her to be at station events, she is there and she takes pride in all of her work.”

Virginia Sinicki, West Palm Beach – “She is doing the work of saints. When you look at the difference she is making with the 50+ events she helps plan outside of the radio station for Little Smiles and the kids of Palm Beach County she is doing more for clients, community and the audience than one normal person should.”

Amy Reed, Columbia – “Whether she’s getting quotes for new processor components, vacuuming excess water out of the building’s overflowing HVAC units, booking Q93-5’s next big show or just putting together another incredible imaging kit – Amy Reed truly is Columbia’s Top Dog. A leader for female talent within Alpha and a powerfully positive member of our team!”

Quarter 1 – 2018

Samantha Stidham, Portland – “As her role expands, her skills and talents do as well. Like iron sharpening iron, she is somehow able to absorb new responsibilities while still putting her employees first. She leads by example with a tireless drive, and projects a warm spirit that creates an encouraging and supportive atmosphere.”

Kayla Cherry, Columbus – “I know the staff here goes to her for answers to some of their questions and she is a GREAT TEAM player. Kayla is a leader and a true example of an employee with high integrity and extreme work ethic!”

Mike Alston, Portland – “Mike is one of the hardest working men in the business, he ALWAYS makes time to help anyone and everyone in ALL departments and he does it with a smile!”

Quarter 4 – 2017

Anne Edwards, San Antonio – “Anne is a team player, a role model and genuine spirit.”

Daniel Sipe, Grays Harbor – “If it had not been for Daniel, there would not have been a station to get back on the air.”

Tim Kolling, Topeka – “Whether it’s helping the station at events, helping the station with donations for our non-profit partnerships, or being a celebrity judge for community events, Tim is always representing Alpha with professionalism and pride.”

Quarter 3 – 2017

Scott Kilian, N. Dallas-Sherman-McKinney – “When he’s out doing a live broadcast or appearance, he ALWAYS has a smile on his face and cheerful demeanor, even when the heat index here in Texas is over 100 degrees.”

Kathy Mitchell, Alaska “She has forfeited a vacation day, numerous times, to work an event for the station, when we are short staffed. Kathy is Country Legends 100.9!”

Beth Stibal, West Palm Beach – “We all come to work because we love what we do, but when you see Beth you just know you’re around amazing people!”

Quarter 2 – 2017

Gabe Rangel, West Palm Beach – “Gabe is someone you know will be there you as a co-worker and there for you with your clients. I have a ton of examples of how he goes outside of his job description to be a stellar employee and human for us here at Alpha and our community.”

Mark “Shark” Ediss, Savannah – “Shark is a guy with a big heart, a work ethic like no other and one of the best Radio people on the planet!”

Shana Stitt, Topeka – “She strives to better herself for the team and better the team for the greater good of all! She is a shining light and I do not know how we would do without her positive attitude each day to bring a smile!”

Quarter 1 – 2017

Curt Crawford, Watertown – “Curt’s the person that people consistently lean on because they know if Curt is on the job; it will get done, and get done right.”

Gabe Rangel, West Palm Beach – “Many days you will find Gabe taking on extra projects (that he does not have time to do BUT makes time somehow) for the sales department, programming department, and clients that will not only grow revenue but ratings as well.”

Jeremy Lamb – “If anyone in this company is deserving of this award it’s Jeremy. He sets the standard for what we all should be doing to make this the best company to work for.”