Chief Mascot Officer

In 2009 Larry Wilson, Alpha Media founder, went to Glacier Park to spread his wife Claire’s ashes with friends and family.

While walking around outside he spotted a sign on a restaurant door that read, “Hi my name is Bear, I’m a homeless dog and I need a home.” He then saw a very skinny dog sitting on a picnic table.

He went to talk to him and saw that his eye had a major infection. The vet later said that Bear had been kicked in the face.

Larry went up to the owner of the restaurant and said, “I’m gonna take him,” but the employees of the restaurant protested.

Larry battled their protests when he said, “See that truck out there? That’s what Bear will ride around in and when he travels long distance he will ride in a private jet.” The employees ended up letting Larry take Bear home with him.

Larry took Bear to the vet once they returned home. Unfortunately, Bear’s eye had gotten so bad from being untreated that it had to be removed. Larry got him all the medical treatment he needed and now Bear is strong and healthy.

Bear is around 11 years old. What type of dog he is couldn’t be exactly determined. He is part Labrador but the other part is a mystery…maybe part wolf? He’s an Alpha dog.

As soon as he hears the cup in the dog food, he is up and ready to go! He’s a gentle soul who loves people.

Bear was so infected when Larry found him. Who knows how he did it, but he did. It was only appropriate that he was made into the legend that he is.