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We are Alpha Media

Alpha Media is a growing radio broadcast media company that has a passion for great radio and digital content. Our philosophy is to be smaller, faster, bolder, and work as a team at all levels. We hire and retain the absolute best people who are unique, innovative and vibrant. We believe in creating progressive products, world class events and building strong relationships in our communities.

“With radio reaching over 90% of virtually every segment of the population…and with 245 million Americans spending at least 2 ¾ hours a day listening, radio is here to stay.”

Alpha Media was formed in July 1, 2014 by Larry Wilson and Endeavour Capital after merging with Alpha Broadcasting and L&L Broadcasting both also formed by Larry Wilson and Endeavour Capital.

Upon the successful completion of all pending transactions, Alpha Media, headquartered in Portland, Oregon will own 86 radio stations and operate 3 additional stations under LMAs within 17 markets across the United States covering all formats including Top 40, Adult Contemporary, Spanish, Urban, News Talk, Sports, Rock, Country and more. In addition to the radio stations; Alpha Media owns the digital media and marketing company; Xapsis in Peoria, Illinois and the intimate performance venues, Bing Lounge in Portland, Oregon and Alamo Lounge in San Antonio, Texas.


We are a radio family focused on our local autonomy and connection to the community to deliver the most compelling live and local content.

Alpha strives to hire and retain the best people while being smaller, faster, bolder and team oriented. We focus on our relationships with our team members, clients and partners rather than negotiating deals.

Whether is a 2 day music festival or a community fun run, our team is relentlessly focused on innovation, efficiency and entertainment.

Alpha Media is known for our outstanding service to the communities and we commit to these communities and the radio industry is that we will never stop learning and recognizing opportunities for growth.

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A growing network of Live and Local stations.

Alpha Media Stations

Portland, OR

101.1 FM News (KXL-FM)
750am The Game (KXTG-AM)
95.5 Live 95-5 (KBFF-FM)
98.7 The Bull (KUPL-FM)
970am Freedom (KUFO-AM)

Peoria, IL

1470am WMBD (WMBD-AM)
106.9 Mix (WSWT-FM)
104.9 The Wolf (WXCL-FM)
93.3 The Drive (WPBG-FM)
102.3 Energy (WNGY-FM)
1290am WIRL (WIRL-AM)

Jackson, MS

1180am AM News Talk (WJNT-AM)
105.9 ESPN The Zone (WRKS-FM)
107 FM Kixie (WKXI-FM)
99.7 Jams (WJMI-FM)
1300am Gospel (WOAD-AM)

Dayton, OH

101.5 Hank FM (WCLI-FM)
102.9 Hot (WDHT-FM)
1410am ESPN Radio (WING-AM)
92.9 Fly (WGTZ-FM)
92.1 Dayton's R&B Leader (WROU-FM)

San Antonio, TX

95.7 La Ley (KLEY-FM)
102.7 Jack FM (KJXK-FM)
720am ESPN Deportes (KSAH-AM)
1250am AM ESPN (KZDC-AM)
104.1 Norteno Y Mas (KSAH-FM)

Louisville, KY

99.7 DJX (WDJX-FM)
96.5 Blazin (WGZB-FM)
105.1 GHL (WGHL-FM)
101.3 Magic (WMJM-FM)
102.3 The Max (WXMA-FM)

Biloxi-Gulfport, MS

1490/1640 Sports Radio The Champ (WGBL-FM)
97.9 CPR (WCPR-FM)
105.9 Bob (WQBB-FM)
107.1 The Monkey (WXYK-FM)
1490am The Team - ESPN (WXBD-AM)
1640am The Team - ESPN (WTNI-AM)
96.7 The Bull

Richmond, VA

93.1 Liberty (WWLB-FM)
98.9 The Wolf (WLFV-FM)
100.3 The Wolf (WARV-FM)
107.3 Richmond's Greatest Hits (WBBT-FM)

Hagerstown, MD

800 / 1410/ 96.3 Good Time Oldies (WCHA/WHAG)
96.7 Wild (WDLD-FM)
95.1 Mix (WIKZ-FM)
94.3 The Rock Station (WQCM-FM)

Bluefield, WV

104.5 Hot AC (WHAJ-FM)
106.3 Kicks Country (WHKX-FM)
107.7 Kicks Country (WHQX-FM)
100.9 The Eagle (WKOY-FM)
1240am Rooster Country (WKEZ-AM)
1440am Talk of the 2 Vas (WHIS-AM)

Savannah, GA

106.9 New country BOB (WUBB-FM)
100.1 Y100 (WXYY-FM)
107.9 Rewind (WRWN-FM)
1130am The Island (WHHW-AM)
106.1 Rock (WFXH-FM)
98.3 Hank FM (WGCO-FM)

Columbia, SC

93.5 Q93-5 (WARQ-FM)
93.9 Hot (WSCZ-FM)
101.3 The Big DM (WWDM-FM)
102.3 Columbia's Rock Station (WMFX-FM)
103.9 Hot (WHXT-FM)
1230am ESPN Columbia (WOIC-AM)

Merced, CA

96.3 Kubb Country (KUBB-FM)
104.7 Hot (KHTN-FM)


95.3 Kelly (KLLY-FM)
99.3 Groove (KKBB-FM)
1560am KNZR (KNZR-AM)

Tyler-Longview, TX

96.7 La Invasora (KOYE-FM)
104.1 The Ranch (KKUS-FM)
105.7 KYKX (KYKX-FM)
1370am Longview (KFRO-AM)
106.5 Sunny (KOOI-FM)

Shreveport, LA

92.1 / 92.3 La Invasora (KSYR-FM)
98.1 Rocks (KTAL-FM)
102.1 Hot 102 Jams (KDKS-FM)
103.7 Tha Beat (KBTT-FM)
980am The Light (KOKA-AM)

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Portland, OR

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