"The best part about being on the Alpha team is everyone participates. I know that sounds strange, but the mentality is everyone has an idea, a suggestion, a “thing”..and it could be the next BIG thing. Alpha nurtures creativity and forward thinking."

– Bill West, Content & Operations Manager, Fredericksburg

Join The Pack

Alpha Media is a start-up company in the mature industry of radio broadcast media. We have a passion for great radio and digital content. Our operating philosophy is to be smaller, faster, and bolder than our competitors and to work as a highly-functioning, best-of-class team on all levels. We hire and retain top talent who are unique, innovative and vibrant. We believe in creating progressive products and world-class events and in building strong relationships in our local communities.

In 2013, we owned six stations in one market. Today, we own and operate 207 stations in 44 markets across the United States. When you are choosing an employer, what do you look for? If you are looking for an environment where management has a passion for our business; in working hard to provide the best possible live and local radio in the industry; and in having fun, then Alpha Media is for you.

Our Core Values


Doing what is right is one of our core values for a reason. Being honest and having strong moral principles in our business relationships is key to our success. We let our actions speak for who we are and what we believe in. Integrity is a choice we consciously chose to keep top-of-mind in our lives.


At Alpha, we have a passion for radio. We have strong and barely-controllable emotion around supporting our communities, partnering with our advertisers, and sharing our content with our listeners. We pour our hearts into our work to produce the best results for the team.

Can-Do Attitude

Can we do it? Yes, we can! We are confident and willing to deal with problems or new tasks, rather than complaining or giving up. Challenges are opportunities to shine and we seek out ways to find solutions to issues that other people simply cannot solve.


Alpha Dogs push and support each other because we want to be the very best in our industry. We want to have the best programs and events; the best ROI for our clients; and the most reliable and entertaining information to share with our audience.


We are proud to have some of the most creative minds in the industry working at Alpha Media. We think outside the box, and pair creativity with hard work to produce content that is interesting and fresh. Finding new ways to thrive abound at Alpha, along with a healthy dose of imagination.


Working in an environment where everyone uses our core values as the foundation of their success, you are naturally going to be surrounded by people who know how to have fun. Radio is a fun place to be and radio people do FUN better than most people. It’s just in our DNA.

Our Benefits

The Being Healthy Part

Alpha offers Medical, Dental and Vision benefits and company-paid life and disability insurance, as well as the opportunity to purchase additional, higher coverages if desired. Alpha allows employees to contribute to a health savings account, where applicable, and for those who participate, provides a matching contribution.

The Caring For Your Future Part

Alpha has a 401(k) plan that allows pre and post tax contributions. Matching contribution is discretionary.

The Fun Part

In addition to sick and vacation time all wrapped up in one PTO bucket, full-time employees get a day off in their birthday month plus nine additional days for holiday celebrations! Also (and we are very proud of this), twice a year, we pay employees to volunteer their time as part of an Alpha team effort for local causes. And because we love our furry friends, on July 1 every year, we celebrate our anniversary with Dogs @ Work Day!

Pet Adoption Fee Contribution

“Bear” Alpha’s mascot, blind in one eye, is a rescue dog that symbolizes the Alpha Cares Initiative. Alpha contributes towards the adoption fee of any pet from a licensed adoption agency. An additional reimbursement is available when adopting a special needs pet. Reimbursement is available up to 1 per calendar year, with adoption papers in the employee’s name or that of an eligible dependent.